Download, Installation & Licence




Software can only be installed if the current user has admin rights!

  • Follow installation wizard

  • If desired install Demo-data


    DemoData installation

  • At final step of installation it can be decided if User data like (Analyzer Users etc.) should be imported from previous installtion from current computer.


    Import Settings


    User settings can also be transferred to another computer to setup 2D software exactly like on old computer.


An detailed licence overview can be found here!


Downloading data from USB-Stick or internal memory is always possible, even without licenced software!

The licence menu can be opened via WinARace-Help-Tab.


Licence menu

Please fill entries as best possible.

By clicking on Email the licence sheet can be send to 2D when email application is set at computer.

By clicking on Copy to Clipboard the licence sheet is copied to clipboard after filling out some more information. The licence information can then be pasted to email to 2D contact person or

If licence information are sent back by 2D, the information must be filled in and via button Store licence the licencing process can be finished.