Racing projects

Bike racing


2D GPS antenna in race bike cockpit


2D Accerlerometer on front axle to detect vibrations


2D linear potentionmeter on rear of bike

eSC - eSkootr racing (electrical scooter racing)


eSC eScootr - Frontview


eSC eScootr - Cockpit



Kart with 2D GNSS antenna on number plate


Karting data in Analyzer

Automotive testing


With 2D Analyzer it is also possible to test a Collision Avoidance System of a car, whereby only the car to be tested must equipped with measurement equipment containing a GPS antenna.


2D also provides GNSS-RTK-antennas with positional accuracy of +/- 1 cm! If you interested in such a system, feel free to contact 2D!

Of course, also the GPS-Position of the obstacle must be determined to be able to calculate the distance of two GPS coordinates.

The way to do this strongly depends on the conditions on the measurement track and can thus be done in various ways, by e.g. detecting GNSS position via 2D measurement system.

Besides defining static trigger points, it is also possible to use a second 2D measurement system with GPS antenna to also detect the other vehicle.

Thereby, it is possible to determine the distance to moving vehicles dynamically!

Addtional manual

The described distance calculations are executed in post-processing via CalcTool and especially with Toolchain GPSTracks!

Noise testing

Due to the almost endless expandability of 2D measuring systems, it is also possible to record the signal of a high-precision microphone via a 16 kHz analog input in order to record the driving noise of a vehicle and then process it in the 2D software.


Automotive noise testing with synchronized videos (two cameras) and Multi-Circuit

Educational and developmental Projects

In addition to all kinds of racing operations, 2D is also involved in educational cooperations with colleges and universities. There, 2D brings different types of measurement systems and sensors as well as many years of experience in the field of measurement data acquisition and analysis to assist the future engineers as much as possible.

Trampoline gymnastics

A very exciting project called INNOTRAMP, which is being carried out in cooperation with the University of Giessen and the German Gymnastics Federation, is sensor-based jump detection in trampoline gymnastics, where a 6-axis IMU logger on athletes body is used to detect and classify jumps. 2D supports the university with its many years of experience in the field of IMU and measurement data evaluation in order to conduct research together with the students that sustainably improves top-level and popular sports and is transferable to various other sports.


Trampoline gymnastics with synchronized video with X-Y-Plots

3PS - 3 Point Sensor System

3PS -3 Punkt Sensor System (Three point sensor system) for innovative analyses in elite sports. Together with the Innovationsmanufaktur, University of Giessen and serveral national sporting federations are pursuing the question of what potential 3 IMU’s offer for the sports of shooting, biathlon, modern pentathlon, weightlifting as well as apparatus and trampoline gymnastics. We want to create cross-sport synergies for

  • technique teaching and technique analysis,

  • a better understanding of movement execution and

  • increasing the quality of training.

Apparatus gymnastics

Weight lifting


Weightlifting data with synchronized videos (two cameras)


Cross-Country skiing / Biathlon


Biathlon data with shooting detection calculation

Alpine skiing

In cooperation with the Technical University of Munich, 2D is developing a so-called mechatronic ski binding, which is supposed to regulate the binding Z-value depending on the skiing speed and condition in order to be able to prevent serious knee injuries in skiing in the best possible way in the future.


Alpine skiing data in Analyzer with synchronized videos (three cameras)


Alpine skiing data with Trackmode-plots and Multi-Circuit

Mountainbiking/E-Bike development

Due to the robustness and compactness of 2D measurement systems, they are also very suitable for data recording in the development of (e-)mountain bikes and in general (e-)bikes.

Other Projects

Mining/Mechanized tunneling

In order to be able to measure the actual movements (rotational speed, vibrations, …) of a drill head during the drilling process in the rock, a Stick logger V4 with a built-in IMU was used together with a power supply to record the movement data of the drilling head via IMU data.


Movement measurement of a drill head via IMUs at mining operations


2D Sticklogger V4 with internal IMU mounted at drilling head