2D Datarecording offers worldwide on track support through our qualified engineers.

We have a combined knowledge of 4 decades in MotoGP, FIA GT, DTM, LeMans prototypes, single seaters, soccer, skiing and various other forms of sport.

2D engineers have been involved in applying latest data recording technology to race winners as well as supporting major manufacturers to develop top end street vehicles.

Put us to the test and let us help to improve your performance and get more out of the data.

2D Datarecording offers support in:

  • Recording and analyzing data

  • Choosing the right data recording system for individual applications

  • Layout and planning of complete vehicle looms

  • Installation of wiring and data recording equipment

  • Setting up communication between data logger, ECU, ABS, gearbox,…

  • Setting up and programming of CAN gateways

  • Software development and application to customer interfaces

  • Basic training of driving techniques

  • Vehicle setup advices

  • Troubleshooting

For every training topic, feel free to contact 2D via!

Training courses

Basic trainings

Basic training on software and hardware specific topics to learn the general handling of the 2D software and hardware and to be able to perform independent data analyses.


All the topics from Basic Training are also coverred in Training courses!

Developmental (software) support

Especially in the case of deeper data evaluation and use of the CalcTool for data processing, we offer a service as 2D to set up certain calculations and visualizations for a customer-specific topic, ideally already with measurement data, for the customer.

Subsequently, the customer receives all templates, calculation files, etc. and can continue to work independently with the further and more specific adaptation.


One or two days, depending on customer request


  • At the company headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany

  • At the race track

  • At the customers Location

  • Online courses

Number of participants

  • Usually groups of 1-3 persons

  • Training rooms for max. 30 people are available


We try to keep number of participants low, in order to be able to respond to individual customer queries without any time pressure!