Downloading data

From USB Stick

Downloading data from USB-Stick means to plugin USB Stick into computer where 2D Software is opened.


Before downloading select respective event in WinARace (Select event)


Downloading data is also possible at unlicensed WinARace

At downloading the software executes the following steps automatically one after another:

  1. Checking containers on USB Stick

    Additional information

    For further information about containers and preparing USB Stick for recording click here

  2. Downloading raw measurement data from container to computer

  3. Creates .MES folder with measurement data from raw measurement data (decompressing) in selected event and renames .MES folder depending on in WinARace selected master name


At decompressing CAN-DB is used for creating channels from raw measurement data

  1. Reformats the used containers for preparing them for next recording


USB Stick must never be deleted manually because everything is managed by the software automatically.

Important information:

  • At data download the containers are cleared automatically by software

  • If a container is full, a new container is used (if no free container is available, no recording is possible until data is downloaded from USB stick)

  • Every new container result in a new 2D measurement (.MES)

  • When using KL30, at every powering of logger a new container on stick is taken for storing data (so a new 2D measurement is created)

  • When using KL15, the currently used container is taken for storing data (so switching logger via KL15 will not create a new 2D measurement, only when container is full)