The 2D software system provides a possibility to document, for which distance several parts of a vehicle were used.

Normally the mileage documentation is automatically managed by the communication tool WinIt when the software finds a channel which represents the distance at downloading a measurement from a logging device.

If a logging device is used which not records a distance channel itself, the 2D-Software WinIt cannot determine the Mileage of the run!

In this case, a provided CalcMileage-calculation file can be inserted in the list of automatically executed calculation files at download (see here). The CalcMileage.CAL contains Mileage function of CalcTool and needs a speed channel for input which is integrated to get the distance of the run.

Differentiation SpecSheets

Predefined, so-called permanent SpecSheets are stored in the data directory (one above the event folders) and start with P_.

These permanent SpecSheets can be assigned to different loggers by naming them (P_Loggername). When downloading measurement data, WinIt checks whether there is a SpecSheet matching the logger name in the data directory.

If a predefined, permanent SpecSheet is found, it is copied, filled with download information, renamed to establish the link to measurement and stored in the respective measurement folder.


Differetation SpecSheet


Measurement related SpecSheets are generally called SpecSheet!


If no permanent SpecSheet is found during download the user is queried to select one from list. If query is cancelled, the download information are copied in an empty document at creating the measurement related SpecSheet

Addtional manual

For more information about permanent files and SpecSheets see SpecSheet!

Updating SpecSheet


No matter if the mileage was determined by WinIt or the CalcTool function, the rest of the process is the same!

At download, these distance samples are summed up to a mileage value and added to the mileage values of the permanent SpecSheet either by WinIt or by CalcTool. | | Like mentioned in chapter 4, the respective permanent SpecSheet is then copied at download of measurement data, filled with download information, and stored to measurement directory. |

By copying the permanent SpecSheet, in which the mileage values have already been updated, the mileage values in the measurement related SpecSheet are up to date. In addition, the entry Download.MileageCalculated is created there, which shows the mileage of this measurement! |


Updating permanent file


By writing into the permanent SpecSheet, the updated Mileage value is available for the download of the next measurement!

Using Mileage function for components

If the mileage of a component must be documented, the respective permanent SpecSheet-entry must be extended by (0km) to activate mileage tracking.


Without intial value


With intitial value

Replacing components

When a component must be replaced by a new one, the mileage value of that component must be set to (0km) manually in the respective permanent SpecSheet of the logger. Only in this way can the actual mileage of a component be correctly recorded!


When a component is replaced by a new one, the mileage value of that component must be set to zero in the respective permanent SpecSheet manually!



Mileage(#SpeedChannel, LoggerName)
Mileage(#SpeedChannel, LoggerName , TimeOut)
  • Input channel: Calculate the Mileage of a measurement using a given #SpeedChannel.

  • Parameter 1: LoggerName defines which permanent SpecSheet is used for documentation of travelled mileage.

  • Parameter 2: TimeOut is blablabla.


Mileage(#V_Sat, Car_17)
  • Input channel: Calculate the Mileage of a measurement using channel #V_Sat.

  • Parameter 1: Permanent SpecSheet of Logger with name CAR_17 is used for documentation of travelled mileage.


Mileage(@Mileage_Speed, Download.LoggerName)
  • Input channel: Download.LoggerName defines by SpecSheet-entry LoggerName of group Download which permanent SpecSheet is used for Mileage calculation

  • Parameter 1: The input channel is defined by the selection of the special channel @Mileage_Speed to calculate Mileage of current measurement.


To avert multiple executions, the calculation of the mileage values is only executed if the entry Download.MileageCalculated is (0km) in the respective SpecSheet


To execute the calculation file CalcMileage automatically at every download of measurement data from logger, it must be integrated at the AutoCalc Configurator which is called up via
WinARace Modules AutoCalc Configurator


At installation of Race-software, CalcMileage.CAL is added to AutoCal sequence by default!

At tab Software, the CalcMileage.CAL must be selected and added with button Add to the Sequence of user selected calculation files.

Afterwards, the selection must be saved!


AutoCalc Configurator


AutoCalc Configurator can also be called via the Calculation File Manager in Analyzer!