With the 2D software it is possible to export data from a 2D measurment in different data types (for example CSV, ASCII, 2D measurement, Excel, etc.).


Also only parts of a measurement can be exported by using Phases (only fastest lap, current selection, user defined when speed > 100 km/h, …).

Create Export

Via menu File & Create new export menu can be opened.


Already existing exports can be opened here for editing and execution!


Open export menu

Via export menu all export settings can be done


Export menu

  • Comment: Entering comment which is displayed in list of already created exports

  • Type: Set output file type
    • ASCII (.txt)

    • 2D Measurement (.MES)

    • Microsoft Excel CSV file (.CSV)

    • Diadem/DIAdago

    • Microsoft Excel (.XLSX)


    • RPC III (.RSP)

    • WAV file (.wav) (Audio export)

  • Use event folder: When box is checked, output folder is Event directory

  • Folder: Set output folder (placeholders can be used)

  • FileName: Set file name of output file (placeholder can be used)

  • Separators: Depending on export type different separators can be selected

  • Channels: Select channels to export
    • Visible channels in moving window: Export only currently in moving window displayed values

    • All channels: Export all channels from measurment

    • Selected channels: Export only selected channels

    • Sampl. [Hz] max: Maximum allowed sampling rate for export

    • Interpolate to sampling rate: If box is checked, at output file all channels are interpolated to at Sampl. [Hz] max selected sampling rate

  • SpecSheet groups


    Selection is only active at some Types

    • All SpecSheet groups: Exported 2D measurement contains all SpecSheet groups from original measurement

    • Selected SpecSheet groups: Exported 2D measurement only contains selected SpecSheet groups from original measurement

  • Devided export per phases: Use phases to filter/devide exports. If this box is checked, for every valid phase, a individual output file is created.

  • Save Export settings: Save Export settings


Phases can be used to filter/devide export


At this example, all channels only from fastest lap should be exported with max. rate of 100 Hz as new 2D measurement.

The new measurement should be created in Event folder of original measurement with name addtion F_


Export example

Audio export

Due to the almost endless expandability of 2D measuring systems, it is also possible to record the signal of a high-precision microphone via a 16 kHz analog input in order to record the driving noise of a vehicle and then process it in the 2D software.


Automotive noise testing with synchronized videos (two cameras) and Multi-Circuit

Also, a normal microphone can be connected to loggers analog inputs to e.g. record driver comments togehter with measurment data.

This voice data can be processed via CalcTool and this channel then can be exported as .WAV file to replay on computer.


Audio files (e.g. .WAV) can also be linked like normal video to Analyzer!