Merger and Appender


Difference Merger & Appender


The general function of the Merger is to join two measurements which were recorded at the same time with different logger systems.

It does not matter whether the measurements have the same or different channels. Length does not matter either, as the channel values of the shorter measurement are kept constant outside the overlapping area.

A difference in function exists and depends on where the merge is started from:

Positional merge

If two measurements are loaded in the Analyzer and the merge is started from there (Analyzer Functions Merge 2 measurements), the boxes where the measurements and the channels can be selected are disabled in the Merger settings window.

These fields are disabled because during the position-based merge the measurements are merged as they are currently positioned in relation to each other in the Analyzer! The offset of the measurements to each other set via the current positions is adopted during the merge.

In the lower part of the window, it can be selected how to proceed if same channel names are existing.


The general function of the Appender is to join two measurements that were recorded one after the other.

It does not matter if the measurements have a different length and if they were recorded with different logger systems, but all measurements must contain exactly the same channels (same sampling rate, same data type, …)!


The Appender.exe can only be started directly from the application directory (WinARace [CTRL]+[ALT]+[A]), where the measurements to be appended can be selected.